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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

February-March Sunday Activities at Centre – A glimpse

3 March 2013: Readings on The Mother’s Writings and OM choir

This evening, we discussed a while the process of introspection. Some experiences were shared spontaneously. One was about how the same pattern of events seem to keep repeating in one’s life till one dissolves that something that is a root cause of the events, or rather, the kind of reaction one has towards events. Many voiced that they do not make any New Year resolutions since these are never kept. There seemed to be a common thread in the sharing that when one truly decides and does something, it is a decision from within, to look at oneself and be oneself, as one member pointed out. While events that happen in our lives propel us to greater heights after repeated cycles, there is a way in yoga, and that is to be constantly in a state of watching oneself, inside out. We did an exercise on going within using the breath as a first step and some questions were read out to help carry out some introspection on the state within. With this, Mother’s quotation on self-observation and its need was read out. Then OM choir resumed with some voice exercises and the evening culminated on a quiet note with some meditation music.

10 March 2013: Talk by Jared Quek- “The Psychic Transformation-Part 1”

The second Sunday is when we have been having talks by Jared at the Centre. The topic this time was “The Psychic Transformation”. As always, we were each given a handout with precious excerpts on this topic from ‘The Life Divine’. The first topic was “Contact with the Divine”. Considering the main subject was to do with Psychic Transformation, “Contact with the Divine” seemed to be the best way to broach the complex yet essential task of Transformation of the Psychic. It tells us about how the psychic element in us will always tend to turn towards anything which belongs to a higher Reality. In the next few paragraphs, we saw how best to achieve the much-needed Contact with the Divine. This can be accomplished by means of The Yoga of Knowledge, The Yoga of Love and The Yoga of Works. Each of it comes with its own challenges and means to overcome the challenges, with the single focus of achieving Contact with the Divine. This sparked off an interesting discussion wherein some of us shared our own thoughts and ideas on each of the Yogas and how we incorporate small steps in our daily lives to be able to offer our Yoga to The Divine.

17 March 2013: Talk by Jared Quek- “The Psychic Transformation -Part 2”

This being the Third Sunday, we were to continue the talk on “The Psychic Transformation”. Jared quickly summarised what was discussed the previous Sunday for the benefit of people who were not present the previous Sunday. In this day, we were to deal with the next topic—The Yoga of Works or Karma Yoga. We had earlier (a few months ago) had a separate elaborate discussion on Karma Yoga at the Centre. It emphasises on how important it is, to give our fullest to any work we undertake, and how best to not have any attachment or the expectation of any reward to the work we undertake. Sri Aurobindo, in ‘The Life Divine’, says: the more powerful and many-side change in Nature is the appearance of a composite perfection of the saint, the selfless worker and the man of spiritual knowledge. After reading these powerful lines and having a wholesome idea about the three types of Yoga, we delved into our next topic which was—The Entry into the Inner Countries.

The lines under this topic throw light on how important it is to not stand on the surface and try to transform the Psychic in us, but instead, cease to be the surface and aspire to become the inner Person, the Purusha. Only if the outer surface undergoes a tremendous change, is it possible for such a huge transformation to penetrate into our very being. And this outer change includes the change of poise, a quieting, a purification and fine “mutation” of its substance. The usage of the all powerful word “mutation” signifies how great the outer transformation must be to even attempt anything greater.

After reading the excerpts and discussing them, we sat down for our Closing Meditation.

- Preethi and Jayanthy

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